October Faves + Wishlist

Wishlist October

1. e.l.f. All Over Stick in Pink Lemonade 2. H&M Chelsea boots 3. ONA The Lima Camera Strap 4. 8 Seconds Graphic Tee 5. Gap Denim Vest 6. GoPro Hero 3 7. Kate Spade Heart of Gold Idiom Bracelet 8. Lightroom + Photoshop Creative Cloud 9. iPhone 5s

Just like last month, some of this stuff are things I’ve been loving lately, and the others are things I’m wishlisting. That e.l.f. color stick is such a nice shade of pink – it goes on really bright but blends really well. Plus it costs about $2, somehow. Even though I’m not usually one for writing on shirts, I’ve been wearing that graphic tee nonstop. It’s so soft and cozy and matches well with my denim vest. It’s the first jean jacket-type thing I’ve had since I was a kid and I’m very obsessed. I thrifted mine here in Korea but that Gap one is very similar.

I am thisclose to signing up for creative cloud so that I can experience Lightroom. I was thisclose to buying those boots at H&M this weekend but decided they were too expensive. I’m still on the hunt for something similar. The camera strap that came with my camera (approximately 5 years ago!) has finally started to show its age and is peeling like crazy. I think it might be time to invest in a lovely new one. Also, as I’m starting to plan my trip through South East Asia after my contract’s done here, I’m hearing the siren song of the GoPro. I just think the little bangle is pretty and witty. And of course, an unlocked iPhone 5 (the camera! the speed! the beauty!) will be on the wishlist until the end of the time. I’m still using my uber-slow iPhone 4 (not even S) but don’t use the camera anymore because it’s so awful.

As always, I’m counting my blessings for all the awesome things (both material and not) I’m lucky enough to have in my life. It’s funny, even as I was making this post I was thinking “I don’t really need anything else though, really..” My life is so great as it is.

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