Modern Medicine

Popping in today a bit later than usual because I slept in. On a Wednesday! What a revelation. I’m battling an annoying head cold so it felt necessary to turn off all my alarms and let my body rest. It also happens to be a gloomy, rainy day here in Toronto and my appointments were canceled, so it’s a wonderful day to rest, recuperate, and give my body the chance to heal. After I type this, I plan to take myself back to bed with a book and rule my tiny queendom from underneath the covers.

Catching this cold was a bit of a wake-up call for me. My immune system is usually pretty strong, but after that awful stomach bug/food poisoning incident from a couple weeks ago, it feels much weaker. I caught this cold so easily! It’s an important reminder to take better care of myself and let my immune system build back up.

It’s also a lovely chance to check in and figure out how I can care for myself most effectively. When I’m sick, or tired, or otherwise stressed, what feels healing? What’s the medicine I most need?

Note to self – here are a few of the things that have been feeling like medicine to me:

  • Actual medicine. Don’t suffer needlessly! Go to the pharmacy, get yourself some cold & sinus meds, and watch your symptoms melt away
  • Group texts with your friends where you get to see their progress and cheer them on
  • Your coven of friends. It’s magic to see the shifts that can happen in a space of unconditional love & positive regard
  • Sleeping in, taking naps, going to bed early. Nothing works better!
  • Reading excellent books and taking notes when necessary
  • Taking a break from Instagram
  • Mom’s magic potion for when you’re sick
  • Keeping your phone on airplane mode longer than usual
  • Wearing slippers
  • Taking a long hot shower or bath
  • Going back to bed and watching Once Upon a Time

And with that, I bid you adieu! Hope you have a beautiful day. xo.

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