1. Vegan cupcakes decorated with the Korean flag for my “going awaygook” party! (waygook is the Korean term for foreigner)
  2. The heavenly Haeundae beach, only a fifteen minute walk from my apartment! I feel so lucky.
  3. Me, hanging out at Haeundae. Note that it was warm enough to go without a jacket for most of that day! Cause for celebration.
  4. The view from inside a beautiful pavilion up high on Dalmaji hill.
  5. Dylan and I on a walk along the coast.
  6. The Song-do beach harbour front.
  7. An adorable hilltop park where we did some impromptu yoga.
  8. My friends Dylan and Mary overlooking the water.
  9. Me, upside down in Busan!
  10. Friends on a walk along the coast. We took this coastal walkway to find a park, but in the end the walkway itself was our favourite part! It offered the most stunning views of the water and the rocks below.
  11. On the bus up to the beautiful Beomosa temple.
  12. A glimpse of the gorgeous temple!
  13. On the bus on the way back down.
  14. Height differences between foreigners and native Koreans!
  15. My favourite pooch at the dog café we visited on a rainy, dreary Saturday.
  16. Me and the most cuddly kitty! This visit really brightened my day.
  17. Our friend Kendall took us to shabu shabu! It's a type of meal where you cook veggies in a pot of broth and then make your own spring rolls using rice paper. Then, once the broth has all but boiled away, you add rice and more veggies and stir it into a kind of porridge. Totally delicious!
  18. It's cherry blossom season here! I can't get enough of these gorgeous flowers. All the trees just exploded into bloom last week and I know they won't last long, so I am enjoying every minute.

A little glimpse of how I spent my March. As of Friday, I'll have been in Korea for an entire month, which is totally crazy. It's unbelieveable how fast that month went by! But as you can see from the photos, I've had an amazing time so far. I've been exploring temples, eating delicious food, seeing beautiful scenery, making great new friends and planning for upcoming adventures. In just a couple weeks I'll be spending the weekend in Tokyo!I'm happy with the little routines I've started to establish here, like a daily walk down to the beach and late-night yoga with my friend Dylan. I'm feeling relatively settled and happy, which is a great thing.

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