Lovely Things

{a single red rose from my beau for Valentine’s}

These past few weeks have been a hullabaloo of ups and downs. Writing exams, getting chocolates. Stuffy noses and ferris wheel rides. Cold winds and warm ones. Trips to Ottawa, long nights studying in my room. Fireworks and disappointing grades. Reading captivating novels and wordy textbooks. Being given gorgeous tiny diamond earrings. Coming home. Roasting marshmallows by the pier in Old Montreal. Eating delicious Italian food to the tune of live jazz music. Shopping sprees on warm Spring-like days. Coming back to my family home to delicious home made scones and favourite newspapers.

Okay, okay. So it seems like it was more full of ups than downs. :) And it’s reading break, which means that the coming week will be even more wonderful. Home-cooked meals, lots of time for reading, writing and watching movies. Lovely.

{milkshakes and burgers at The Works in Ottawa}

{Laughing all night at a local comedy club that my friend was performing at}

{Beautiful notebooks and pens from my favourite stationery shop, Papeterie Nota Bene}

{The war memorial in Ottawa}

{A fun wallpaper that’s been making me smile all week – get it here}

{Skating on the Canal on a beautiful day}

What wonderful things have been going on with you lately?