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Because it’s Wednesday. Because I have a midterm later. Because I’m trying to write a novel in a month. Because my brain is still boggled from TEDx and I don’t feel like coming up with any original ideas just yet…

…I decided to give you links to the beauty that other people have created. Yay, outsourcing!

The Bloggess (aka funniest person on earth) released this blog post a little while ago. I’ve never laughed so hard at a computer screen before. And I was in the library, where laughter is looked down upon. Gee, thanks Jenny.

I loved this list: 30 Books to Read Before 30. It’s interesting – I started reading a couple that made the list just a few weeks ago. Interesting how that synchronicity stuff works, isn’t it?

Every week, I get really excited on Monday nights. Wanna know why? It’s because every Tuesday morning there’s a little missile in my email inbox from Marie Forleo, queen of entrepreneurship. She makes Q&A Tuesday videos that are chock-full of advice for every area of life and business. I wish more people made quality product like this!

Danielle Laporte is master whiz at packing a punch with her blog posts. Her latest one was no exception, it’s about doing whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. Very inspiring!

I CANNOT stop watching the trailer for The Hunger Games. I just can’t, y’all. It’s right here, but watch at your own risk – you may fall into a deep depression when you realize it doesn’t come out until March 23.

If you’re a fan of Tastespotting/Food Gawker, you’ll love Gojee. It’s a similar service, showcasing great recipes but in a distinctly more fashionable way. All the pictures are crystal clear and blown up the size of the page, and the recipes are laid out magazine-style. You have to make an account to see everything, but it’s worth it.

Joy’s Perfect Cheese Plate makes me wanna be one of those people who have cheese plates at their parties. It makes me want to be one of those people who has parties. Hmm.

It’s almost like when Amy wrote notes to herself she was really writing notes to me! Lots of great insights in that post (and on her blog in general too!)

Remember when I wrote about that amazing book, The Night Circus? Well, I was amazed and inspired to find out that Erin Morgenstern actually wrote that incredible novel during NaNoWriMo! Check out her unbelievable NaNo peptalk here.

Next baking adventure, perhaps? Momofuku Milk Bar’s Compost Cookies. Filled with potato chips, pretzels, chocolate…mm. A good friend of mine made them last year and I’ve been dying to have them ever since.

In the theme of my post on “Killing Us Softly”, I’d like to share another wonderful film that should also be required watching. It’s called Miss Representation, and you can learn more about it here and watch it here.

I am a little too obsessed with Drake’s new album Take Care. You can listen to it here again, and again and again.

Did you know Life In Limbo is now on FACEBOOK!? Like, wow. Go like it now! Tell all your friends!


Okay, off to do some last-minute studying! Give me a head’s up if there are any awesome things you’ve seen around the web lately. 

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