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Lately July

Excited about the acro yoga workshop that I’m going to be taking this month, starting tonight!

Adjusting to my early-hours summer schedule at work but really enjoying having my evenings free.

Eating a lot of kimchi-jeon bought at the local grocery store and chimichangas from the local Korean-Mexican place.

Listening to RadioLab (newly discovered to me), Drake, and The 1975.

Reading some awesome summer books and adding so many to my to-read list. Standouts lately: The Vacationers, The Blue Bistro, and Of Mice and Men.

Trying to do a better job of staying in touch with my beloved people back home. Thank goodness for Facetime, Voice Memos, and cheap Skype rates.

Thrilled about the small-but-significant-to-me response I’ve been getting about my shop! One of my photos was mentioned on Yes and Yes last week.

Less-than-excited about the fact that July and August are the rainy season in Korea, and that I am going to have to say goodbye-for-now to one of my very good friends on Wednesday.

Looking forward to trying surfing one of these weekends, taking mini vacations on the long weekends we have coming up, getting acupuncture, enjoying fall in Korea, and making plans for the future.

Feeling grateful, happy, and getting back to normal after some stressful weeks.

P.S. I know it’s not July anymore, but these “Lately” posts are just meant to summarize my life during a particular time, and this post is pretty indicative of how I was feeling all through July and early August. 

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