Lately: January 2016

Lately January >> Life In Limbo

Here’s what I was doing in January:

Watching Suits for the first time, and some of the Oscar Nominees.

Using the 1 Second Everyday app, and loving it.

Learning this Where They From choreography.

Finishing the Brilliant Beautiful Blog ecourse.

Looking for the light.

Buying a Photoshop CC membership and that dance tutorial to spark joy.

Listening to Happier with Gretchen Rubin and the Every Branch podcast.

Eating a lot of green apples, scrambled eggs on toast, roasted broccoli, and Greek-inspired salad.

Baking these excellent biscuits and this delicious cinnamon bread.

Working often at a café with great coffee and reliable wifi.

Sitting on a doughnut cushion on account of bruising my tailbone while paragliding for the first time (which was so fun!).

Drinking cold brew coffee every morning (so ridiculously easy) made in my new coffee maker (my December spark joy purchase).

Feeling a little anxious, but also hopeful and grateful for my life.

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