Inspiration: September 8

Inspiration September 8 >> Life In Limbo

The beauty and bravery and love in this post is off the charts. I read it twice.

I made this summer tomato pie for dinner at my mom’s the other day and it was delish. Thanks, JTB!

Also this week, I signed up for Toronto’s bike share program! I’ve happily used Bixibikes in Montreal and Citibike in NYC, and thought this would be a great way to love where I’ll be living (a la this book).

Ways to feel happier + calmer in 10 minutes. After reading, I promptly lay down, did feet up the wall pose, and felt better.

Simple-but-awesome tips for maintaining (or beginning) healthy habits.

Some thoughts to think before jumping into a heated conversation. Important stuff.

I re-read this great post this week and it was still so helpful.

I didn’t do much online reading this week, but I spent a lot of time with my mom’s golden retriever puppy and finished three books, so I’m okay with it. This weekend, I get to see a good friend I haven’t seen in person in two and a half years!! Even writing that out, I can barely believe it’s been so long. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too. xo

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