Inspiration: September 22

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Inspiration September 22 >> Life In Limbo

This interview with Brené Brown is one of my favourite ever episodes of Marie TV. I just got Braving the Wilderness out of the library and I cannot wait to read it, because even more than her other (amazing) books, this one seems particularly relevant and helpful in these crazy political times we’re living in. Bonus: this episode about reducing negative thinking was also amazing. Love you Marie!

Are you working too hard? “Hustle with purpose, chase your goals, but please make space for the rest of your life to happen, too. This is the only life you’ve got.”

Making the invisible, visible. This campaign is really progressive and inspiring, and I’m proud that it’s happening in my city. We cannot fight what we cannot see or aren’t aware of.

This article about why online courses won’t save your business landed in front of my eyes exactly when I needed to read it this week. It’s a lot of excellent real talk, especially since I think increasingly we are being sold the idea that we should all just throw together an online course and watch the passive income stream in.

Simple but profound tips for supporting the women around you. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE that tip #1 is engaging in authentic conversation. I really feel like truly actually actively listening to another person is the most rare and beautiful gift you can give someone. Other faves on this list: be generous with kindness, and give other women a voice.

Sarah does it again with this thoughtful list of easy ways to bake ethics right into your business practices.

I started listening to Happier in Hollywood this week, because Happier is one of my favourite podcasts. I do not live in Hollywood, but I can confirm that the content is broadly applicable and helpful, no matter where you live. I’m also inspired by the hosts’ working relationship (they’ve been writing partners for 17 years) and friendship.

This episode about Brooke Castillo’s business lessons was also very helpful and useful. I tend to find her perspective very grounding, and this episode in particular was chock-full of helpful reframes.

Last but certainly not least, my friend Christian recently lost his mother and wrote this incredibly beautiful piece on his blog as a goodbye. For me it was a reminder to stay focused on what’s important, to tell the people you love that you love them, and to remember that life is very precious and very short.

The week flew by yet again, but I think that’s a good thing! Lots of work, lots of good conversations, and lots of deep breathing. Everything is more than okay, but the key to live (I’m learning) is remembering that everything is more than okay. It’s so easy to worry about things outside of our control or focus on the negative. Thankful this week for my family and my friends: I’m very lucky.

This weekend I’m hoping to take it easy, go for a Saturday morning adventure, and have family dinner on Sunday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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