Inspiration: September 15

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Inspiration: September 15 >> Life In Limbo

The best thing I experienced this week was the new documentary about The Avett Brothers, May It Last. It’s hard to put into words how beautiful this portrait was, but my favourite aspect was the exploration of humility, dedication to craft, and tolerance of the uncertainty that comes with an unfolding journey. I was lucky enough to see it in theatres (thank you Sonja!) but you can learn more here.

This post about the emotional labour of female travel bloggers has much broader implications beyond just travel blogging. I see this kind of thinking and behaviour with women in many of areas of life. Her specific examples are particularly clarifying and were a good reminder to me of what I can choose to opt out of.

10Q is coming up soon! The idea is simple: once a day, you answer a reflective question about the past year. Then after the 10 days are up, the vault is closed for another year. Last year I only did 3 out of the 10 questions, but reading those answers when they landed in my inbox this week was surprisingly emotional. You can learn more here.

Even just reading the words, “that’s enough,” felt so calming to me. Maybe you need to hear this message too? “You’ve done your piece, wholeheartedly. And truly, that is plenty.”

I started a free course this week called Building Your Business Blueprint, and have been completely blown away by the depth of the content so far. I haven’t even put in my email anywhere! Just quality content, available to anyone, and tiered into 3 levels depending on what kind of business you currently have. Highly, highly recommend, especially since Caroline and Jason are the kind of entrepreneurs I admire most: very successful, but very thoughtful. Also, all their websites are so beautifully designed.

Speaking of amazingly thoughtful entrepreneurs, my friend Rebecca ran a free 5 day Ignite Your Style Challenge this week, and I can safely say it was transformational. I created outfits I didn’t even know I had and (even better) felt so cute/fun/flirty all week. As someone who regularly doesn’t feel like I know anything about style, it was a big shift for me. You can learn more about the challenge here or sign up for her course here.

Wow. Talk about an inspirational week! I love those weeks when it feels like the juices are flowing and things are happening both internally and in my community. I feel unbelievably grateful to have such interesting people in my life who inspire me on the daily and push me to dream about what’s possible. (Speaking of which: this is your weekly reminder to find your local chapter of Tuesdays Together!! Lol.) This weekend is the yearly (enormous) Polish festival in my neighbourhood, my book club is meeting to discuss this great read, and I’m going home for a family reunion lunch. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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  1. I love the idea of 10Q! Just signed up :) I love reading journal entries from years ago. Sometimes you think nothing has changed but then you read an old entry and realize you’re actually so different from a year ago!

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