Inspiration: September 1

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Inspiration: September 1 >> Life In Limbo

A friend of mine told me about the existence of Mail Merge last week and my eyeballs almost fell out of my head. I am now actively looking for places where I can use this ingenious system in my life.

I am happily using Todoist lately to keep track of my to-do list, but I’m experimenting with adding Google Keep to the mix because I learned it lets you easily collaborate on notes with friends. I am also trying to use Google Photos more, because their search function is amazing (ie. Search “beach” and all the photos from the beach come up without you having needed to tag anything! Ahh!) What do you guys use for your to-do lists?

I haven’t been listening to The Lively Show much lately, but I enjoyed the most recent episode about the Law of Attraction.

Lots of great suggestions in Elise’s recent episode on getting out of a creative rut.

This week I finished the book Intuitive Eating, which I loved. Whether or not you struggle with eating, I think there are some awesome tips in here that relate to mindfulness and presence. There’s a quick rundown of the myths about this way of eating on Refinery 29 here if you’re curious!

Have you ever wished you knew just the right thing to write to shut down someone saying bigoted things on Facebook? If you tag White Nonsense Roundup in the comments, they’ll help you out!

Related: This week I did a big cleanup of my Facebook friends list and I highly recommend this. I had been ‘friends’ with so many people I didn’t even know or recognize. Byeee!

This week has flown by. On Tuesday, I went to the CNE and the John Mayer concert with my friend Sonja, who had kindly gotten me tickets for my birthday! That was a super fun day. One of my favourite parts was riding the Sky Ride and looking out over the fairgrounds and the city beyond. Plus, John was incredible – I have naturally been listening to this playlist all week. I am looking forward to a weekend spent relaxing, reading, and doing nothing, to recharge. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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