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Inspiration October 27 >> Life In Limbo

Even though I haven’t made it happen yet, I love Seth Godin’s thoughts on blogging daily. I do know that when I write more, I notice more of the world around me and am better at paying attention to new ideas. “There’s countless reasons why it’s a good idea and I can’t think of one reason it’s a bad idea.”

Are you tired of hearing me talk about Sarah Von Bargen yet? Too bad! I love the way she thinks & how she sees the world. This podcast interview was personally super helpful this week in reminding me that…maybe I don’t need to make more money?

On a similar note: what if joy is my only metric for success? The answer (in my case) is that I’m already pretty darn successful, because I have a ton of joy and freedom in my life right this second.

The Sugars now have a column in the NY Times where they answer a letter they didn’t get to on the podcast! More Dear Sugars = happy Stephanie.

I think this is my new life philosophy: Read more than you write, live more than you read.

As you know, I love advice on how to be a better human being and a more mature adult! This week I am revisiting the Adulting blog’s archive of Steps, all kinds of great advice inside. Her books are great too.

To all my male acquaintances who secretly (or not so secretly) think feminists are really angry….duh? Why wouldn’t we be? You probably should be too, if you consider yourself a real ally. Listen to Lindy West, people. She is #1.

In a similar vein, I also loved this post that is an invitation to men to inform themselves and become better allies: “Let us not allow ourselves to be complacent, leaning on the tightly held belief that we are not “bad” guys; but one of the “good” men. Instead, let us always ask ourselves what it takes to be better men… and act accordingly.” 

In case you missed it, this week on the blog I wrote about how I stopped trying to get new followers on Instagram and instead take care of the ones I have.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Maya Angelou

This weekend, my book club is meeting to discuss this book, and I have a pumpkin carving party to attend! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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