Inspiration: March 31

Inspiration March 31 >> Life In Limbo

In celebration of #TryPod month, here’s a big list of cool podcasts to check out. I just started listening to S-Town and am flabbergasted at how good it is. Next up for me is Missing Richard Simmons. Other faves include Dear Sugar Radio and  Happier.

I feel like I forever need inspiration for what to make myself for lunch, so I liked this rundown of what foodies make for themselves.

I’ve been so blessed with amazing friendships in my life, so I adored this Modern Love column about an unlikely one.

This is what love looks like.

Sharing the love: I downloaded the app this week and have experienced accurate weather forecasting ever since, for better or for worse since it’s SNOWING here as I write this. Shoutout Katie for introducing me to this site way back when.

File under “literally cannot stop listening to”: Portland, Maine + Good as Hell + Someone In The Crowd.

Anyone else totally astonished that it’s April tomorrow? Ahh! It’s my Grandma’s birthday on the 1st, so we’re gathering to celebrate her, which will be lovely. This week I was lucky enough to accompany my boss to an interview he was doing on The Agenda for TVO – it was a lot of fun. Life is good these days! How are you? I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo.


1 thought on “Inspiration: March 31”

  1. Hi! Thanks for these recomendations! Will check out some of the podcasts, for sure. Recently discovered the Modern Love column and it is aaaamazing, this post was so good!!!

    Seriousely, how is it already April?

    P.S. Some of the links you shared with me via email have really helped a lot, thanks again

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