Inspiration: March 3

Inspiration March 3: Life In Limbo

I particularly resonated with this episode of The Lively Show, which led to some big aha moments for me around arbitrary goals set by my ego and how I can manifest good stuff more effectively.

This is so good: 43 things learned in 43 years. One of my favourites: “Examining your motivations with radical honesty is a lifetime commitment. And it’s as painful as it is rewarding.”

I’m back to using Asana to keep track of my to-dos and loving it! Also still loving Trello and Workflowy for other purposes, but Asana has re-captured my heart, especially the calendar function.

My friend Sonja introduced me to Alanis Morissette’s podcast this week and I have been loving it! Think: super deep dives into ideas about relationships, mindfulness, and psychology. Really good stuff.

I don’t go to bed quite this late, but can relate wholeheartedly! My whole life I’ve struggled to get up at the same time as everyone else.

Notebooks are good places to have bad ideas, and good ideas for that matter. I love my notebooks.

Home is Toronto! The last couple of weeks have been really, really good ones. I feel like I’m starting to find my flow here in the city, make some friends, and spend more time with my family than I have since high school! It feels amazing. I’ve been home at my mom’s little hideaway for a few days and it’s so lovely to do my work in the sunshine with the puppy beside me, and then go for walks in the valley in the late afternoon. Being here is always beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Thank you for this post, so many insightful articles! I’m going to listen to the podcast ASAP. Thanks for sharing

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