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Inspiration June 9 >> Life In Limbo

This is a Google Chrome extension that puts all your open tabs into one tab. Thank goodness.

They tried to make it into a meme, but guess what, Oprah is right about almost everything.

I try to run a very minimalist business – the fewer moving parts, the better! I loved these questions to ask as a minimalist business owner.

Big giant list of places to find free images! My fave is Pexels but I’ll be checking some of these out as well.

I haven’t fully explored it, but Story Trail seems like such a cool way to interact with a city. I’m going to watch the videos for New York because I’m going later this summer!

I’m so excited to begin working with With/Out Pretend, an independent publishing company here in Toronto. I had a meeting with Erin today and came away so inspired to get back to my own personal writing and creating.

The above photo was taken at a mini reunion for Nurture, the retreat I was lucky enough to be a part of in April. It was just a couple hours but I walked away so inspired by all the amazing creative women and the incredible work that they do. Spending time with them makes me want to up my game both personally and professionally! I hope you have an inspired weekend too. xo.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration: June 9”

  1. Krissy Estrada

    Hey Stephanie! Lovely post as always. I really enjoyed the minimalist business owner article. I find myself asking myself how I want to “spend my days” often recently.

    I’m about to move back to America after being in Asia for 2 years and I was wondering how you approached job hunting after being away from Canada for a few years yourself. Any tips on how to rebrand yourself with your new experiences and stay positive during this nerve wrecking transition? Thanks!

    1. Hi Krissy! Thanks for your great comment. I’m so glad the article was helpful for you – I love that question too!

      As for moving home after being away, my experience was possibly a bit unique. While I lived abroad, I had one client (I have worked for them for nearly 5 years now) so when I was getting ready to move home I had that work (and the skills learned from that job) to build off of when seeking other freelance work. I also picked up a couple clients from friends, got some referrals, and have built my freelance income that way. I didn’t do any formal job hunting, so to speak.

      If I had been intending to look for a corporate job, I definitely would have highlighted the skills of resilience and adaptability that I learned from living abroad in a foreign country on my resume. I think that experience actually helps you to stand out as a candidate, and definitely would make you more interesting to an employer.

      I hope that helps! If you have any further questions feel free to let me know them here or by email.

      Thanks!! And good luck! <3

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