Inspiration: June 28

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Inspiration: June 28 >> Life In Limbo

My friend Rebecca just launched a service that sends daily style prompts to your phone. So cool! And her branding is always so on point.

My friend Laura and I went to hear Fredrik Backman in conversation with Heather Reisman this week and it was an interesting talk. He seems like such a thoughtful and considerate man. I highly recommend his Beartown series!

I enjoyed this conversation on Hurry Slowly with Jenny O’Dell about her new book ‘How to Do Nothing’, and why we should do more of it.

If you, too, are late to the Billie Eilish party, I found this profile of her fascinating. And weird.

Sonja sent me this story, Who Packs Your Parachute?, which I found very moving. There’s such humility in doing a task perfectly every time when you’ll never know if it worked and you’ll never be thanked.

On my business blog this week I wrote about how to motivate yourself (as an entrepreneur or human!) by knowing your Four Tendencies type.

This week’s blog posts: On Resilience, Super Seven, Zero-In Time and Desire to Be Done.

Summer has officially come to Toronto, and it’s been so beautiful so far! I’ve been spending tons of time outdoors at the park and down by the water and soaking up all the sunshine I can. So thankful for patio season and picnic season and long lingering sunsets season! This weekend is a long weekend here in Canada (happy birthday to us!) but I’m mostly staying put, spending some quality time with the family dog, hopefully doing a lot of reading, and enjoying some fireworks. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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