Inspiration: July 26

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Inspiration: July 26 >> Life In Limbo

The answer to this idea is just: yes. Who’s in to build a house like this together? The video is worth a watch.

I LOVED Sarah’s post this week about using envy as a tool. Such great insights here, especially about using your envy as evidence of what’s possible.

Important reminder: if they’ll do it for you, they’ll do it to you.

I really liked this episode where Oprah shared vulnerably about her ego journey, especially how it relates to her weight loss struggles. Fascinating.

Lots of interesting thoughts here about Basecamp‘s new book “Shape Up“, which is about how their team works and ships new projects. The book is available for free here, I’m excited to read it.

Forgive me, but I love Taylor Swift’s new song, Archer. Sorry bout it byeeee.

This week’s blog posts: Worth It, Power In Numbers, The Real Work, and Stay Present, Feel Better.

Woof, it’s been a hectic week! A bunch of work projects came together all at once, which meant a lot of long days finishing things up and also trying to prep for my bestie Katie arriving for the weekend. I’m so excited about her visit – we’re planning to enjoy Toronto’s patios, talk endlessly and explore the city in the summertime. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! xo.

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