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Inspiration February 13 >> Life In Limbo

I love love love this quote, but I think it should apply to things we think as well as what we say.

Wise words via Cup of Jo: “We don’t see ourselves reading a book, eyes fluttering and glowing. You don’t see yourself looking at someone with love and care inside your heart.”

This new music festival in Ontario looks pretty cool.

This week’s episode of This American Life about policing was really fantastic but also pretty upsetting.

A great post on redefining success: “How do I feel when I settle into bed each night. Am I proud of what I put out into the world today? Have I been respectful to and appreciative of the people and things that mean the most to me? Am I able to support myself and contribute to my family’s well-being? Am I, along with my family, happy and healthy?”

Artist Paul Ferney is doing a really amazing project offering to sketch anyone who posts to the hashtag #drawmepaulferney. The portraits so far are so beautiful and I’m praying he gets to mine.

Dylan introduced me to Bleachers last week and I’ve been obsessed this week.

Katie and I are going to Vietnam in a couple months (!!) and how about this video?! It’s getting us jazzed.


I cannot believe it’s mid-February already. Time is absolutely FLYING which is a little bit scary but also so exciting. I’m still making travel plans and trying to make the most of my last weeks in Korea.  This weekend will hopefully be low key, spending time with some friends here who are leaving soon. It’s bittersweet, but focusing on the sweetness. Hope you have an excellent weekend!

Also: Happy Valentine’s Day! Be good to yourself. I love you all! xo.

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