Inspiration: August 30

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Inspiration: August 30 >> Life In Limbo

I’m in the midst of establishing a new weekly admin ritual, so I loved this inspiration from Marie Forleo of what she does for hers.

A particularly good episode of Akimbo about smart fridges, and how much more our technology could be doing for us.

In case you missed it in my Processing Time blog post, I loved this video from The School of Life. SO SMART.

James Clear is a smartie-pants also, I love his very quick weekly 321 emails. This one was so great, especially Idea #2 about networking.

I had no idea that the Crisis Text Line was a thing, but it seems so wonderful. Available in Canada and the UK so far, pass it on to anyone who might benefit.

This app for exploring the natural world is AMAZING. (PS. The last two links were from Recomendo, a newsletter I am loving lately.)

Dinner Confidential looks so cool and is so affordable! It’s a monthly thoughtful dinner series run in a number of cities around the world.

This week’s blog posts: Personal Reset Day, Moment By Moment, Processing Time, and Siren Song.

Hello hello! Happy Friday. We have made it to the last Friday of August, which always feels like the last Friday of summer, even though summer *technically* goes until September 23. I’m trying not to pre-emptively cut summer off when we still have a month left! But there’s no doubt that it feels like summer’s winding down, especially with kids and teachers going back to school. How will you be spending these last few glorious days of summer? On that note, I’m going to take the next couple weeks off of writing these posts, but will be back later on in September. I hope you have a lovely end of summer. xo.

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