Inspiration: April 15

Inspiration April 15 >> Life In Limbo

I really, really loved the new episode of The Lively Show with Jasmine Star this week. Lots of wisdom and truth inside.

Girlfriend Collective is giving away leggings to celebrate their launch! You pay for shipping and the next batch is being sent out in July, but this is still an awesome deal. They are made from recycled materials, their factories follow UN human rights and safety standards and the leggings look so comfy.

I started using the Elevate app this week – it gives you a “brain workout routine” every day and I’ve been finding it so helpful. I even (sort of) learned how to calculate complicated percentages, which I find so baffling usually. There are also activities to help you retain what you read and hear, read more quickly, and find grammatical mistakes.

Every book Rory Gilmore ever read on the show. A lofty, lovely reading goal!

The cutest tiny house.

I’ve only just started exploring the wonderful website and philosophy of Live In The Grey but already I can tell I’m going to love it. Resources and articles about living what you love.

This week on the podcast we talked about living, coping and breathing through difficult situations in your life. I’m always most proud of the episodes we do regarding tough stuff, and this one is no exception.

I’m happy to be back on the blog with links this week! I had a crazy couple of weeks – going on a solo adventure to the Amazon jungle, starting a Spanish intensive course and getting used to a new schedule – so I wasn’t feeling drawn to this space. I’ve truly missed it though (as I always do when I take a break) and I’m hoping to write more next week. This weekend we’re hoping to go visit some of my boyfriend’s family a few hours away for a baby’s birthday party! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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