Inspiration: April 14

Inspiration April 14 >> Life In Limbo

Science is starting to show that intuition is more powerful than intelligence! This is both fascinating and useful in a practical sense.

Love these ideas for little ways to treat yo’ self for less than $5!

How do we create change when things seem crazy and beyond our control? Martha Beck has some thoughts, and I love this visual.

Books I’ve bought in the past week that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into: How to Be a Person in the World (loved so much I needed my own copy), A Return to Love, When Things Fall Apart, and The Vegetarian.

I just got back into running and I’m excited to try out Spotify Running – such a cool concept! I’m also using Strava this time around, if anyone’s into that.

Guys! I added all my rewards cards to my Apple Wallet and it’s one of the best things I’ve done in a long while. It involves downloading the app for each account (ie. Starbucks, Indigo, Shopper’s Drug Mart), logging in to each of them, and then clicking “Add to Wallet”. I am very enthusiastic about having them all in one place and not having to carry around anything extra.

I am so inspired by #100daysofplantsonfabric – such a cool idea. I kind of wish I was doing the 100 day project but am not sure what to do!

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks! I had lots of lovely birthday celebrations with my people, then started taking care of my friend’s cat, then found out that I’ll be able to stay in my beloved apartment and neighbourhood. The sun is shining around here and I’m so happy. I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of love and light. xo.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration: April 14”

  1. Hi! First off: I did not know Martha Beck. Her videos are so so sooo interesting!!
    Also Sarah’s articles are always great to re-read and the Quartz article is interesting, as a statistician I love when science meets pshycology.
    I’ve also started running since spring and I like stava more than the Nike+ app for example, what’s your username?

    Have a good Sunday!

    1. So glad you liked the links this week Laura! I want to watch more of Martha Beck’s stuff too – I’ve read one of her books but would love to learn more. She has such a great philosophy.

      On Strava my profile is private, I don’t want everyone knowing how slow I am! Haha ;) Glad you like the app though.

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