Happy Anniversary!

I just realized that today marks a year to the day that I launched Life In Limbo on its own domain. March 7! (Here’s that very first post.) Wow. So much has happened in a year. It’s incredible how different I feel from the completely terrified girl who launched this website a year ago today. I’m blogging from a new apartment and a happier perspective. I’ve made some lovely Internet friends! I’ve had lots of unexpected (and positive) responses, and learned more than I dreamt I would in a year. I’ve dealt with Texan customer service agents from BlueHost, fixed bugs, Googled the crap out of things I didn’t know so that I could make this website everything I wanted it to be.

I want to THANK YOU. All of you. Anyone who is reading this. You have no idea how much it means to me that people enjoy + take something away from what I put up on the internet. It makes me furiously happy. I’d probably still be posting all my thoughts and photographs even if nobody was reading, but I’m still overjoyed every time I get a comment. (You have no idea how much each comment makes my day.) So to everyone reading: thanks, wholeheartedly.

Happy birthday, Life In Limbo. Keep on keepin’ on!


PS. March also marks three years since I started blogging here. Which seems crazy!