Everyday Beauty: Weekend

This whole weekend was full of magic moments. There was the evening we went for gelato and got the best flavour combos ever: roasted marshmallow & watermelon, peaches & hazelnut, raspberry & milk chocolate. One morning the my sisters and I spontaneously gathered in the kitchen and made a big pancake breakfast. We had two family BBQs, two evenings in a row, and the food was simple and amazing. There was the night I spent at the kitchen table while my sister baked lemon squares like the pro she is. The weather was a bit mercurial but on the whole we had plenty of sunshine and beautiful dusks. It was a gorgeous weekend, a perfect summer solstice, the kind of simple, relaxed time that reminds me why I love being home so much.

Which isn't to say I wasn't also a bit overwhelmed and stressed at points throughout the last few days – it's only 6 days now til I fly to Europe, after all. But I'm very thankful to have this normal time with my family before I leave. So much love!

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