Everyday Beauty: Week 3





Seems like the weeks are flying by. Did I say that in a post recently? I can’t even remember, because the time is going by so quickly. It was a relatively relaxed week – I worked pretty much all of last weekend, sneaking in time for a nice dinner with my friends. I went to see the Habs game and wore my only piece of Habs memorabilia – and then they lost.. oh well.  This past week has also been *totally frigid* so I’ve spent a lot of time inside my very-un-insulated apartment with my space heater and some candles. I think I’m in the market for a few new candles, I’m finally using mine and they’re getting low. I’m kind of excited about it.

We went to see Gangster Squad on Tuesday (overall: meh/violent, Emma Stone: obsessed, Ryan Gosling: I love my husband, what can I say?) and then a student production of West Side Story on Thursday (!! loved it) so that was a fun break from the lonely studying. I read a book called Heads in Beds because I was getting stuck on another book, and I flew through it and am ready to get back to reading other things. It’s a book about working in hotels, and boy can I relate (as a waitress) to some of his stories about annoying customers!

I’m looking forward to this coming week. Next Friday my friends and I leave for Ottawa, just for the weekend for Winterlude! It’s fun to have a  lovely mini-vacation planned. Other than that I’m going to keep doing my readings, reading for fun, burning candles, and cooking good food. Happy Friday everyone! xo.

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