Everyday Beauty: Week 2

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Hi! So, please bear with me as I figure out my favourite format for these end-of-week photo posts! I like including photos from Instagram, but they’re small and not great quality so I think it’s better I keep them small in the post. But I also want to be able to share some of my other photos when I have them. This format is what I’ve come up with for this week, let’s see how it works out. Also: I’ll be posting these Friday, and they’ll show everything since the previous post. One of my nightmares last year was having to try and match up the week of Project 365 with the photos…this year I’m not stressing out about it.

We had our book club meeting on the same night as we made s’mores in my friend’s fireplace! Both were fun activities. Highlight was playing “Kiss Marry Kill” with all manner of celebrity examples, and listening to “Boyfriend” to the chagrin of most (but not all) of our friends. There was a double birthday party night (two birthdays and two parties) on Saturday, it was a lot of fun to see everyone and plan a surprise for both of our friends! We had a Girls night where we watched the new episode of Girls, had an intellectual discussion about it, then watched the Mindy Project, and did not have an intellectual discussion about it. All in all, it was very fun.

I’ve been doing a little yoga, drinking a lot of tea, experimenting with a couple of new recipes, and reading a lot – as much as I can! Of course, school is pretty busy, they’re really making me work for this last semester! So I’ve been doing a lot of readings and diligently going to my classes. The weekend ahead promises to be full of work (actual work, and schoolwork) so I’m going to try and put my head down and barrel through it.

Happy Weekend!


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