Lately | November

Currently November

Getting used to my new short haircut

Tackling a mountain of library books on everything from going vegan to feminist pop culture

Watching a whole lot of Scandal (can’t explain my love for Shonda Rhimes!) and Netflix documentaries

Learning the ropes at a new part time job

Skyping about exciting projects for my exciting new internship

Perfecting my Green Monster smoothie recipe (bananas, orange juice, chia seeds, coconut oil, berries, and a mountain of spinach)

Doing yoga every day for the last few weeks (!), either at home or at Power Yoga

Writing a novel for NaNoWriMo – it’s a slog sometimes but I’m doing my daily words

Missing my friends and living on my own desperately

Making plans to remedy that

Knitting a pale blue sweater, slowly but surely

Looking forward to seeing Les Miserables live on Saturday

Annoyed it’s getting dark and cold outside

Proud of Guinea Pigging Green’s Fall In Love With Yoga series

So excited to be making progress on my tripod headstand and yoga in general

Starting to get a little bit of a rhythm going (only took 1.5 months)

Always looking and planning and thinking about the future

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