Chocolate Zucchini Cake + Mixed Berry Sorbet

I wish I could pinpoint where my mantras come from, but in all honesty they just float in like fluffy clouds and take up residence in my brain. I don’t get a choice in the matter. Earlier this year, my mantra was “follow your bliss”. I still love that one, and it still guides me, but recently another one has made itself known: “choose art”. Mmm. I’m in love with it.

Choose art. It’s a mantra, but it’s also a paradigm: it shapes my choices and changes the way I think about things. I’m defining “art” loosely, but it all makes sense to me. By “art”, I mean anything that enriches me + my life. So flipping through a glossy spread in Bon Appetit counts. Reading a book counts. Baking, food styling and photography definitely count. And when I “choose art”, I spend less of my precious free time soaking up TV shows or movies like a boring sponge. Choosing art keeps me busy, keeps me entertained,  stops me from being lonely.

Last week, I was feeling particularly listless and lonely, and I had just finished a midterm so I had a bit of free time. So instead of watching TV, I decided to create. I made double chocolate zucchini cake and mixed berry sorbet. Both are delicious, and together are even better! Not to mention that getting to practice my photography that made me the happiest of girls.

Here are the recipes for double chocolate zucchini cake and mixed berry sorbet. As recipes go, they’re very simple. I was able to make both without leaving my house because I had a 3-pack of zucchini that needed using, and a plethora of frozen mixed berries in the freezer.

I’m lucky enough to have this ice cream maker at my disposal, but I promise the cake is good on its own too! If you do have access to an ice cream maker, let me assure you that the sorbet is amazing on its own as well. I’ve also been adding a little to smoothies, and it packs a flavour punch.


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