Best Chocolate Ice Cream

Cabin fevAH. Cabin feverrrr. Got the fever! Fever when you lock me inside, fever all through the night.

Oh great, now the word “fever” looks like it’s spelled wrong. Is it? Better check.

It’s not. It’s right. My brain just isn’t used to having to read the word “fever” 8 times in a row. Oops, did I do it to you too? Forgive me. This is how my brain works when it gets cabin fever.

As usual, I’m being overly dramatic. It’s only been a couple of days since my nose has been glued to my books, and I haven’t yet gone a day without going outdoors. Staying inside for entire days tends to be a staple of my exam-studying prep, but now that it’s gorgeous and sunny outside I don’t know if that’ll happen this semester! Cause for celebration!

Here’s how cabin fever generally manifests itself: I fidget. I switch positions when I’m reading notes – from sitting to standing to the chair to the couch to the floor. I read out loud when my brain gets sleepy and doesn’t want to pay attention anymore. I obsessively use FocusBoosterApp (lifesaver). I leave all the dishes unclean. I take impromptu dance parties. If my phone tells me I have a message, I lunge across the room at it, even if it’s only from like, Texting becomes a lifeline. I eat, probably too much. I eat the last of this ice cream later at night than I probably should.

You too? Well then the only thing you’re missing is the fabulous ice cream of which I speak. I was skeptical, at first, by the moniker “the best chocolate ice cream you’ll ever have”, as proclaimed on A Cup of Jo. I’m no longer skeptical. I hesitate to call it ice cream, because it seems like a hybrid product with the best texture in the world and a richness unparalleled by other chocolate ice cream. But I guess that’s what makes it the best. It has sweetened condensed milk, milk cream, chocolate – the whole shebang. It’s ahMAYzing. Please make it. It doesn’t get freezer burn, it doesn’t get grainy: it stays beautifully smooth and delicious down to the last bite. And guess what? YOU DON’T NEED AN ICE CREAM MAKER TO MAKE IT! What the what? I know. Just do it.

 I used this amazing recipe from A Cup of Jo’s “best ever” food series, which you should definitely check out. The food all looks incredible: pasta sauce, egg sandwich, french toast.. but to me, the #1 was the chocolate ice cream. Miraculously, I had all the ingredients, some left over from that crazy cake I’d just made. I didn’t have the right kind of chocolate, but I improvised using a large bar of milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips. It came out beautifully for me, although I would probably recommend following the recipe, just in case.

Oh, happy day! This comes highly recommended. It’s easy & out-of-this-world good. Ps. How amazing is sweetened condensed milk? Answer: so amazing.

Om nom nom.

4 thoughts on “Best Chocolate Ice Cream”

    1. ha! I am pretty crazy, alright. Especially when I don’t get enough fresh air. :P and thanks for telling me about the link, I’ve fixed it now! :)

  1. That looks so yummy! I’m such a horrible cook, but I really want to try one of your recipe suggestions sometime when I actually have something besides cereal and Ramen noodles in my house. It’s going on my to-do list! I’ll celebrate the end of school with it :)

    1. Haha don’t say that! I’m sure you’re a great cook, you just haven’t found the recipes that work for you yet. ;) And yes, I can’t wait til school’s out and I can make great food ALL the time! Glad you want to try it out though – trust me, it’s amazing. xo

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