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Inspiration: August 18 >> Life In Limbo

It’s been a dark week, my friends. I am devoting this week’s “Inspiration” post to information regarding the events in Charlottesville last weekend: things I have found to be personally helpful or educational. Obviously the word “inspiration” is not right here (the name of my usual weekly link round-up posts), and yet I have found small glimmers of light in some of these resources, showing us ways to make sense of what has happened, and how we can try to move forwards. Others among these are horrifying and painful to watch, but remember that it is a privilege to look away.

First: this VICE documentary is what has pierced me the most. It is the best reporting I’ve seen of the events of last weekend.

Imagine if these people ever faced actual oppression.

Sam Sanders spoke with white people about Charlottesville. This episode provides a lot of practical information about how to be a good ally (And how not to be. Hint: it’s not about you or how personally racist you are or are not.)

Brené Brown’s Facebook Live is a must-watch.

I really enjoyed the Bonus Pod and DeRay’s interview with Common on Pod Save the People. This episode of Pod Save America was also good.

An important reminder about ‘getting political’ and privilege.

Tina Fey is funny but also angry and has some important points to make (while stress-eating).

Another reminder to follow, read, and amplify the voices of people of colour. I’m starting with The Root, Colorlines, Black Lives Matter, HuffPo Black Voices. One super simple way to do this is to like & follow these websites and pages on Facebook. If you have other suggestions, please let me know!

If you have other further articles or resources that you found powerful or helpful, please leave me a comment below. Thanks for reading. Sending you love & light, always. xo.

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