April + May

April was swallowed up in a blur of exams, studying for exams, and sleeping. I only had a handful of videos, not enough to be its own video – so I merged the months. It’s my project, I make the rules! May was full of fun, but it was still very much a transition month, what with people finding jobs, taking courses, and settling into routines. Still, the video turned out great. I can’t wait to document the rest of my beautiful summer!

I’m creating video of the shenanigans I get up to each month for the year of 2012. See the rest of the videos for this year here


And another one bites the dust. March is over! Time for the best month of the year, April. (I’m maybe a little biased). The greatest part of my “creative New Years Resolutions” – Project 365 and this video project – is that I get to document and preserve the special parts of my life. I don’t feel like it all goes by too quickly, I think it goes by just quickly enough. I get to fully experience each month, and then (with peace of mind, knowing that I’ve got it all on film) move onto the next.

A friend pointed out to me yesterday that she loved watching the three 2012 videos back-to-back, which to me is just another indication that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (a theme in my life, I’m realizing). I’m so happy I chose to start this project. I will never regret it, and I will be thrilled to have it all on film.

I know you don’t know my friends, but maybe the video can inspire you or make you smile in some way. Enjoy.


2012 has been so amazing so far. I’ve been perfecting my routines, working on my health, and trying to be efficient in my schoolwork. But I’ve also added a whole pile of creative projects into the mix, and they’ve been so enriching to my life.

I almost always have my camera with me when I spend time with friends, and in January I decided to start taking a few videos as well as photos. Packaging them together with some great music has been so rewarding – it’s such a great way to preserve memories! I have a feeling that I’ll look back on this year’s worth of videos and be so thrilled I worked on this project.