Everyday Beauty


The past few weeks that I’ve been home have been pretty quiet, and I haven’t been too interested in taking photos. Apart from my beautiful plum cake day, I’ve been forgetting to take pictures which isn’t like me! But I think that after my big whirlwind adventure (which already feels so far away..) I just needed to decompress.

My days have been mostly filled with research, soul-searching, filling out exercises from What Colour is Your Parachute, green smoothies, and podcast production. I’ve also been knitting again!! I’m making this sweatshirt sweater, and it’s coming out nicely so far – I’m only on the second sleeve. Still a long way to go but it’s been fun. I’ve also been getting back into an exercise groove, trying to fall in love with yoga. After only about a week of daily practice, I can do a tripod headstand and can alllllmost do Crow as of yesterday. That’s making me happy, to see little changes in my strength from one day to the next.

Not much else to report. This weekend I’m going to visit my grandparents which should be lovely, but I’m hoping that the reports of snow in areas near where they live are false – ugh snow! Hope you have a great weekend.

Everyday Beauty: Weekend

This whole weekend was full of magic moments. There was the evening we went for gelato and got the best flavour combos ever: roasted marshmallow & watermelon, peaches & hazelnut, raspberry & milk chocolate. One morning the my sisters and I spontaneously gathered in the kitchen and made a big pancake breakfast. We had two family BBQs, two evenings in a row, and the food was simple and amazing. There was the night I spent at the kitchen table while my sister baked lemon squares like the pro she is. The weather was a bit mercurial but on the whole we had plenty of sunshine and beautiful dusks. It was a gorgeous weekend, a perfect summer solstice, the kind of simple, relaxed time that reminds me why I love being home so much.

Which isn't to say I wasn't also a bit overwhelmed and stressed at points throughout the last few days – it's only 6 days now til I fly to Europe, after all. But I'm very thankful to have this normal time with my family before I leave. So much love!

Everyday Beauty

Even though it feels like I’ve barely used my camera over the last few weeks, (I’ve been relying heavily on my trusty iPhone camera) I’ve still gotten some summery shots that I love a lot. One of the things I’m most excited for about my trip is the chances I’ll get to practice my photography in some of the most beautiful places in the world. That, and the amazing food I’ll get to eat. Mmm.

Everyday Beauty


It’s SUMMER!!! I am pretty darn jazzed about it. So far it’s been full of good food, good friends, good books, and a good amount of catching up with my life after letting things fall by the wayside during exams. I feel very peaceful. I spent a whole day just doing errands like laundry and groceries and going to the library for a big stack of books. I spent a long evening at a great BBQ with lovely friends (we played Jenga as a drinking game – ingenious?). I’ve been reading a lot…enough said. And starting to get back into healthier habits, more green drinks (more on that on this week’s podcast here!!), more running, and I’m even experimenting with meditating (ooh..ahh…). Suffice to say, summer is grand thus far.