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One of my Super Seven daily practices is “Zero-In Time”, a name I coined this week because I’m obsessed with naming things. It seems silly, but I think naming things properly actually helps me take them more seriously and stay more committed.

“Zero-In Time” is what it sounds like: time with zero things coming into my brain from other people’s brains. Time alone with my thoughts and senses. And of course I love the double-entendre, because I think this practice will also help me “zero in” on what’s most important, glean new insights, and come up with new ideas.

When I interviewed Sarah Von Bargen, she talked about how having this kind of time every day is an important part of her creative process. She walks her dogs and doesn’t bring her phone, or she’ll drive without listening to the radio. And I’ve also heard other cool people talk about similar things! Back in 2016 on the Happier podcast, Moby recommended going into nature without bringing your phone. Jocelyn K. Glei talks often on her podcast about doing things without being tethered to her phone. One of my favourite books of last year, Solitude, is all about finding more space without any external inputs.

But as often as I’ve been exposed to this idea, I’ve struggled to implement it for myself. The biggest problem is that I LOVE inputs from other people’s brains. It’s my #1 biggest strength in the StrengthsFinder framework! It’s as easy as breathing for me to consume new ideas and information. So when faced with a walk, or time in the kitchen, or free time, it’s a challenge to not immediately fill it with a podcast, a conversation, a book or a video.

Thus, I’m adding it to my daily list of habits! I’m expecting to resist it at first, but am hoping that the peace, quiet, and inspiration it brings me are enough to perpetuate the habit. The universe abhors a vacuum, so maybe creating one will let the ideas flow in.

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