This Is Where You Belong

Last month, on October 1st, I had officially lived in Toronto for one full year to the day. This anniversary snuck up on me, because this has been one of the richest and best, and fastest years of my life. I say that every year, but it’s always true.

When I first decided to move to Toronto more-or-less permanently after my last relationship ended, I was full of uncertainties. I didn’t know the city well and had barely explored beyond the downtown core, didn’t understand how streetcars worked, and wasn’t even certain I knew how to live in a big city by myself.

This Is Where You Belong >> Life In Limbo

Today I re-read this post that I wrote right after I decided to stay, and it made me cry (especially the comments, y’all are THE BEST). I was leaping into the unknown, again, praying that the mysterious starlight would guide me to a bigger, fuller life. I was trying hard to take the step that felt right, and to have faith that there was so much more crazy beauty awaiting me.

A year and a month later, I can happily, joyfully, tearfully report that a lot of crazy beauty awaited me. This morning I had brunch with four of my closest friends after a full, wonderful weekend of showing my dear friend Katie (visiting from NYC) around my little corner of the city. I showed her my favourite spots, walked her through my favourite part of the park, took her to my favourite restaurants and bars. Every step of the way, I felt at home in the city, connected to it, in love with it. I was proud to show her my world, and confident within it. (Also just so excited to chat in-person nonstop with one of my kindred spirits.)

I celebrated my actual one-year anniversary at my friend Sonja’s first-ever Harvest Table Dinner – a pop-up dinner series for the city’s creative entrepreneurs. It was a surreal moment to sit there, eating delicious food made by a close friend who I hadn’t even known the previous October, surrounded by interesting people, in a city that felt like home. Just one year prior, I had been going to the public library near me (Step #1, always), unpacking boxes, and wondering what my life would become.

Well, it has become something magical, and I know it will continue to become and unfold in front of me. Just like I didn’t know last year, I don’t know what life will look like one year from today. But I know that for now, this is where I belong, and for that I am unbelievably grateful.

6 thoughts on “This Is Where You Belong”

  1. This post is so full of positivity and gratefulness and has made me even more hopeful for the future To magical belongings!

    I am finidng myself waiting for these posts and I made a point to comment creative (online) content I appreciate, That’s why I’m commenting quite a lot :)

  2. This post made me feel so happy! I’ve been loving these daily updates too :) It’s my tiny corner of positivity on the internet hehe thanks as always for sharing!!

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