Space Cadet

For all of those not yet sold on the whole Twitter idea, (and I know there are a lot of you out there..) I give you something to convert even the most stubborn of all non-believers:


Yes that is correct. Mike Massimino is an astronaut with the STS-125 mission to the Hubble Space Telescope (an eleven day mission said to be the ‘final mission’ to the telescope for repairs). There are seven astronauts on the mission (one woman!) planning to do five back to back space walks in order to repair the telescope, replace parts, etc.

And this Mike Massimino has done the world an awesome service by agreeing to tweet from space. Personally, this is the ultimate in star-watching (pardon the pun) since one can follow Ashton Kutcher and Larry King all one likes, but there will never be anything cooler in my books than the undiscovered frontier..nothing cooler than people who get to go to space. It’s incredible!

So far, there have been tweets about getting ready, being up in space, and eating grapple..I am looking forward to finding out what else exactly they do out there. Throwing the juice in the air til it forms into little balls? Floating around doing handstands on the ceiling? Eating liquid food? Strapping yourself to the toilet? The list goes on. Definitely an awesome idea, original and interesting.

Check him out here.

Love, s.

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