How to Be Happier by Using the Self-Determination Theory

This week, I was finally inspired enough by Marie Forleo and her amazing Q&A Tuesday videos to make one of my own. She is a very impressive woman, and if you haven’t already checked her out, I would say head on over now! Her website is jam-packed full of amazing business and lifestyle advice, and regardless of what you do for a living, that girl preaches no-nonsense words of wisdom. I have tons of respect for the lady.

So this week, as I was facing yet another dastardly combination of writer’s block, fatigue, and lack of time, writing a serious article on my blog was the least appealing thing imaginable. I was uninspired and unimpressed, but felt an urge to post something of use online. I chose a concept, wrote down some bullet points, and pointed the camera at myself. Yes, this is my very first vlog.

In the video, I’ll be talking about a theory that I learned about in one of my psychology classes: the Self-Determination Theory. One of the theory’s key points is the 3 basic psychological needs that work to produce a person’s everyday happiness (daily well-being), and that’s what I talk about in the video.  Hoever the theory is much more detailed, you can find more information on it here.

After watching, try to jot down a few ways you could increase your daily quota of each of the three basic psychological needs, to become happier!

  1. Autonomy
  2. Competence/Mastery
  3. Relatedness

And be sure to let me know what you think of this approach to happiness: is it total b.s., or do Deci & Ryan have a point? I’d love to hear from you, either in the comments below, on twitter or by email.

6 thoughts on “How to Be Happier by Using the Self-Determination Theory”

  1. I loved this vlog! I love vlogs in general, but this topic was a good one for me. I think I’m a little high-strung and so am constantly on an emotional roller coaster – bright and cheerful one day, and in a deep funk the next.

    The thing that helps kick me back into high gear is the autonomy thing. I keep reminding myself that I’m the only one in charge of getting to the places that I want to be and doing the things that I want to do.

    1. Hi Gabrielle! So glad you liked the vlog..I was a little nervous putting it up, since I’m only skimming the theory (and leaving out a lot!!), and because, well, it’s a vlog! But I’m glad it was a pertinent topic for you, it’s inspired me quite a bit so I’m glad to share. Autonomy is a big one for me too – if I’m ever in a situation where someone else is calling all the shots, it messes with my confidence! Thanks for your comment by the way :)

  2. I love your blog as a whole. Your content is always interesting and many times I have found a laugh when I needed it. The video blog was very fun, I look forward to more installments.

    1. Oh wow, what a wonderful thing to hear. Thank you so much! Glad I can make even a small difference. :) I’m thinking about a follow-up vlog..hmm! Thanks for your comment.

  3. One thing that I’ve personally found is that a deficiency in one area can quickly overwhelm highs in the others, especially if that deficiency has been around for a long time and seems to hang around despite your efforts to get rid of it.

    1. Very true. It’s important to strive for a balance in the areas of your life..because as you said, if one is out of whack, the others will follow.

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