Photo Walk: Orange

Photo Walk Orange

I meant to do a photo walk for the next colour in the rainbow not long after I did red, but it’s hilarious how fast time gets away from me these days. I have blog posts I’ve been meaning to write since I arrived in Korea, that I just push back each month on my editorial calendar. Everything gets done eventually though, in its own good time, so I’m trying to embrace letting it come naturally. Last week I finally got around to orange, and there orange was, in the flowers that had just blossomed and fresh persimmons everywhere. These are some of the orange photos I took over the course of about an hour on a weekday morning last week.

Photo Walk Orange10 Photo Walk Orange09 Photo Walk Orange12 Photo Walk Orange11 Photo Walk Orange06 Photo Walk Orange08 Photo Walk Orange13 Photo Walk Orange07 Photo Walk Orange04 Photo Walk Orange02 Photo Walk Orange05 Photo Walk Orange01 Photo Walk Orange03

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