Peach-Raspberry Crumble

This crisp is officially the strawberry-rhubarb pie of 2012. If you don’t remember, and don’t want to go back and read, let me summarize. With both these desserts, the wonderful, seasonal, local ingredients called out to me in the grocery store, and I placed them in my cart without hesitation. With both, I was inspired by their natural beauty – both that of the ingredients and the final product. I adore how the strawberries and rhubarb looked together, tumbling out of a basket. And I adore how the peaches and raspberries look, coated in a little crumble.

Oh – and both were absolutely delicious. Like, DELISH-ious.  There’s really something (everything) to be said for eating foods that are local and in season. It just makes sense, doesn’t it? And given how much better they taste, it’s not a hard sell for me. Just look at those colours!

Even though I was inspired by the fruit itself, I got a recipe for a bang-on crumble from none other than my go-to-gal for all things dessert, Joy the Baker. Her peach and raspberry crumble recipe is so awesome. I love that instead of coating the fruit with sugar  as some recipes do, she suggests coating it in a handful of the crumble topping. It was a terrific idea, there were delicious crunchy sweet bits running all through the crisp.

It couldn’t really be simpler to make. Rinse and slice peaches. Defrost raspberries (or use fresh ones!). Add butter to sugar and oats with a little salt.

Bake until your mouth waters. Eat until you’ve had your fill. Take it to brunch the next morning and wow people. Simple, but impressive.

Make it! Make it now! Before summer’s over, and the delicious peaches are gone, only to be replaced by GMO’s.


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