How much do I love creating these monthly videos? Answer: a ton.

Like almost all of my favourite pass-times, it’s a creative outlet for me at every stage of the process. I love practicing shooting video, I love editing it together, I love listening to new music all month hoping to find one great song to pull it all together, I love trying to match up moments in video with moments in the song. And I love love LOVE sharing it with people, even those who aren’t in the video. I’m proud of this work, and I’m thrilled I’ve kept up with this project. I didn’t make it a goal for this year, it just came about organically, but I’m so excited to have this documentation of 2012.

As always, I hope you enjoy.

In the comments – how was your July? What were the highlights for you? Anything fun planned for August? I’d love to hear about your lives.

xo. Happy Monday.

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