My First Book!

This as a crazy moment. You should have seen me at the Post Office, picking up my slimmer-than-expected brown cardboard package, practically beaming with delight as I thrust my delivery notice at the bored cashier. I held it together until I got home, I definitely didn’t hyperventilate at the crosswalk or anything (okay, so I did. In a good way.), and then did a happy dance in my apartment. Cause it’s just cute, right?

This is the first book I wrote myself. It was a labour of love. And sometimes hate. There were times (they were usually way past my bedtime times) where I couldn’t express how much I resented my pre-November self who decided to take this project on. Other times, those 1667 daily words whizzed by – but those times were rare. But being able to hold a bound copy of my work, flip through and look at my words (half of which I no longer remember writing)…it makes it all worth it.

I printed a “proof copy” from CreateSpaceNaNoWriMo winners get 5 free copies of their novel, but only after paying for a proof copy – and guess what? I didn’t double and triple check the file, so my book showed up missing the last few pages. Let me emphasize: this was because of my own stupidity. CreateSpace couldn’t have been easier to use. So I’ve now uploaded the right file and will probably order another copy in the future.

How do you think my name looks in print? I’m hoping this won’t be the last time I author a real, tangible book. A belated thank you to everyone who egged me on during that crazy writing month – I’m thrilled it helped me get to this point. Thrilled, I say!

Have a happy Tuesday. xo.

8 thoughts on “My First Book!”

    1. Thanks Gabrielle! And thanks again for supporting/inspiring me through the whole thing. :)
      I don’t think I’m ready to let anyone else read it yet! The idea freaks me out…a lot. But if I ever do, you won’t have to buy a copy!! xo

  1. OMG!!!! How exciting! I’m both excited for you and jealous. That’s amazing. Frame that picture of you holding it and savor it! I know it won’t be your last!

    1. Thanks Rin!!!! I was so excited too! Thanks for the support through NaNo. Let’s do it together again next year! :)

    1. Thanks Marc!! :D For right now, I’m way too freaked out about letting other people read it. But in the future if I get over that (or edit it..haha) then you’ll be one of the first to know. :) Thanks for the support.

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