Don’t Break the Chain

Last week, Seth Godin wrote his 7000th blog post, reminding us that he hasn’t missed a day in years. I know there are other things in the world that are as inspiring to me, but as of right this second, I can’t think of what they are. The discipline, the humility, the grace, the persistence: it’s awe-inspiring, and humbling, and stunningly beautiful. He writes: “The discipline of sharing something daily is priceless.” 

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He’s completely right. This experiment with National Blog Posting Month has already been a gift to myself, a space to breathe and process and think. It’s more fun than I thought it would be, and more helpful, and is helping me be more creative and – plot twist – connect to others: friends and strangers alike.

AND YET. When I sat down to write today, I felt crunched for time and uninspired. I have had a stomach ache for the last two days,  felt sluggish all afternoon, and have an event to go to tonight. I could feel the excuses and loopholes building in my head, even though this daily reflection has already become such a beautiful practice. By the skin of my teeth, I remembered the phrase “Don’t break the chain”, which I first heard via Austin Kleon, who also says “something small, every day.”

This led me to Seth’s blog to find a post I’d read recently which reminded me of this idea, and instead was thwacked in the face with a post that said (in its kind, but no-bullshit Seth Godin-y way): I don’t care about your excuses. Here’s what I think about your excuses! If I can do this for 7000 days in a row, you can do it for 30. Nobody cares about almost.

So I’m here. I’m showing up, I’m writing the words. Maybe you needed to hear this today too: It’s so easy to make an excuse or give ourselves an out, but in the end, who are you really doing a favour?

See you tomorrow.

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