You can tell I need to get out more when my only subject matter becomes the various sweet things I have in my bedroom. Ah well, they make me happy so hopefully now they can make you happy!

Recently shared my blog with a couple amazing friends, so I just wanted to make a shout out to you two: Linds & Shosh I love you! :) I hope you enjoy my blog and make sure to tell me what you want to read/see on here because you’re my best audience members. :)

Most recent update: stress about finals. That’s basically all. OH. Also I had a ‘date’ with a cute boy to study math in my room. It went well. There was some major cb. No big deal or anything..

Next week there’s a semi-formal holiday dinner for Upper Rez, we’re all very excited. I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures.

xo, S.