Welcome to the Weekend

It’s Friday and I’m exhausted again. This keeps happening, and yet I keep not quite changing things. I move in cycles, going from super-intensity to depleted and back again, over and over. It’s tiring and unsustainable. I am unsustained! As I type this, it’s 5:23PM and all I want to do is make a cozy dinner and curl up in bed with a book. And I think that’s what I’m going to do!

It’s ironic, because I’m a big proponent of balance and quality of life. And in general, I do feel pretty balanced! I have lots of time for family, friends, work, and play. And I have a wonderful quality of life! Lots of lingering dinners and interesting events and inspiring conversations. So why am I so tired?

Part of it is the stress of running my own business. No matter which way you slice it, it takes a toll to be the only one responsible for your life. To be the only one who does chores or makes meals or makes money. I’m organized because I have to be! I don’t have a safety net to catch me. I have to be responsible with my money and clear on my priorities and make the most of my time.

The other part is not having strong enough personal habits. This is changing, slowly, but it takes time and effort. Organizing grocery shopping and planning when to clean my house does not come naturally to me the way that writing a blog post does. It’s slooowwwww-going to build better habits for myself.

All of that said: I’m not complaining, I’m observing. I want to figure out how to set myself up for success, not just in business but in my health and wellness too. I want to make my schedule beautiful & build in lots of buffer. I want to make time to putter, plan, dream and do. So wish me luck! I am welcoming the weekend by starting to block out time for myself. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. xo.

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