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Venice is a really special place. I had heard mixed reviews from other travellers before I arrived, but I totally fell in love with the city. I was there towards the tail end of tourist season (mid-September), but I can’t imagine what the place is like in peak season, since it still seemed fairly busy to me. But it’s easy to escape the tourists a little bit and get lost in Venice – in fact, I tried to get lost intentionally because I heard that’s how you get to discover some of the real character of the place. The fact is that Venice is a pretty touristy place, especially in terms of restaurants, but it also has lots of beautiful churches and cute shops and tons of gorgeous canals and crumbly buildings, you just have to get off the beaten path a bit to find them.

I was only in Venice for two days, but I really enjoyed my time there. I spent it wandering the streets, taking the vaporetto (water bus) up and down the Grand Canal, touring the beautiful St. Mark’s Cathedral, listening to the music of the string quartets playing at the cafés in the square, eating a picnic dinner on the banks of the canal, enjoying delicious gelato, and taking pictures of all the beautiful buildings, boats and waterways. It was lovely.


  • Vaporetto no.1: this water bus line is slow, but it takes you all the way down the beautiful Grand Canal and the ride costs about a sixth of the price of a gondola ride so it’s a great alternative on a budget :)
  • Acqua Alta: this is the most beautiful, charming, magical bookstore I’ve ever visited. Books are everywhere – stacked to the ceiling, filling entire boats, forming steps up to look out over the canal. The store is right on the water, and it’s amazing.
  • Drink an Aperol Spritz: it seems to be the drink of choice in Venice! It’s bright orange and super tasty.

2 thoughts on “Venice, Italy”

  1. Hi Stephanie, I keep coming back to your blog because you went to many places I am going in September! I was wondering if you remember the place you stayed at in Venice? I am having a hard time deciding on where to stay – every place is crazy expensive and don’t look – shall we say – very impressive. If you have a moment I would love your input. Beautiful photos as always! Thanks :)

    1. stephaniepellett

      Hey Mayra, thanks for your comment! I’m excited for you to go on your trip, I’m sure it’ll be amazing! I had a hard time choosing a hostel for Venice for the same reasons you mentioned. I ended up staying at the Generator hostel ( and I actually really enjoyed my stay. It’s on a smaller island, not the main island that Venice is on, but it’s only one stop away on the water bus from the Piazza San Marco. I found the “commute” to be easy and very fast, plus it’s awesome to take pictures of the Piazza as you approach! It’s a big hostel so it had lots of amenities, was modern and was very clean. I remember it being a bit more expensive than some other places I stayed but not exorbitant. If you have any other questions feel free to let me know! Thanks :)

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