The Book Learning Podcast: #6

After a longer-than-expected hiatus, Gabrielle and I finally recorded part 2 of the editing your novel series! We discuss the next steps in the editing process, and Gabrielle (as always) has some great tips to share. I ask a lot of questions, hopefully clarifying things for you guys. Personally, I’m still totally overwhelmed by this process, but I do admit in the podcast that I managed to do my first read-through of my novel since I wrote it in November of last year! That was a scary act for me, but once I got over cringing at my dialogue, it was fine. Meanwhile, Gabrielle is an old pro.

You can watch the podcast on Youtube above, or listen to it (and subscribe) on iTunes here. We love creating each episode, and hope you find it interesting to listen in.

Okay now I’m off to drink some hot tea and maybe take a nap – I currently have a gross head cold. Boo! Hope you’re feeling happy and healthy today.

Happy Monday!

Confused by all this podcast talk? If you’re new to The Book Learning Podcast, I have a FAQ written up here.

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