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Last night, my friend Laura and I spent some time catching up, as friends do. The difference was that this time, we were sitting on a blanket in the sand, right down by the lake, with sailboats and baby ducklings and adorable dogs nearby, for magic hour.

When we’d made plans, I suggested that we have a “collaborative picnic”: one of my favourite summer activities because nobody has to cook too much and we all get to be outside. Win-win! But even I was sort of surprised and delighted at how easily the whole thing came together, and how perfectly it worked out. Simple food, perfect lighting, ideal temperatures, water nearby – what could be better?

It reminded me again of this podcast episode I recorded last summer, where I had a similar realization: the beauty and joy of life are right there in front of me…all I have to do is reach out my hand and take them. In the shownotes last year, I wrote: “Joy, contentment, peace and happiness are actually really easy to attain – so what’s my excuse? I am fully capable of putting my resources towards things that make me happy rather than putting those activities off until another time.

Routines are important and keep us grounded, but whimsy and magic don’t always fit into our everyday lives and schedules unless we intentionally put them there. This summer (and always), I want to reach my hand out and take those simple joys. All it takes is a bit of planning, a lot of intention, and an open mind.

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