September Faves + Wishlist

Wishlist September

1. Teeki Stardust Pants  2. Not That Kind of Girl  3. Vinyasa Scarf  4. Cold Cup  5. Moisturizer SPF 25  6. Busan Fireworks Mug  7. Nike Free Fits  8. Mayari Sandals  9. Tote

In addition to my Lately posts, which tend to talk about the ideas and rituals I’ve been into throughout the month, I thought it might be fun to show you the things I’ve been loving each month, as well as some of the things on my wishlist.

That cold cup has been my absolute fave at work lately, when I have my small daily iced coffee. It also works great for sipping water consistently! The mug was a Starbucks local special edition to commemorate the upcoming 2014 Fireworks Festival, and I bought it as a gift to myself after I started drinking hot lemon water every night but only had tiny mugs I’d have to fill up almost 3 times to be happy. I started using moisturizer with sunscreen for the first time ever this month and I absolutely love it. When I put it on I always feel like I’m doing something awesome for my skin. I’ll be looking for a more eco-friendly one on iHerb after this one’s done. I’ve lived in those sandals ever since I bought them in Kyoto in August, they’re the only shoes I wear except for my running shoes. I’m actually dreading cooler weather because I won’t be able to wear them as much. And lastly, I got that tote on sale at H&M (mine is more of this colour) and it instantly improved my style approximately 100 fold. I absolutely love it.

I’ve been lucky to have many awesome things in my life this month! The other things (mostly workout wear, funnily enough!), are things I’m adding to my wishlist for possible future purchases.

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