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DSC_0194I mentioned in my feelings & goals post that I wanted to “read big” in 2014. To me that means not being intimidated or annoyed or tired by long books or serious ones or complicated ones. The long ones always wind up being among my favourites anyways, so this year I plan to cut the reading angst and embrace big (in every sense of the word) books wholeheartedly. Hopefully I’ll be posting here about my favourites a few times throughout the year. 

There are lots of titles I’m excited to read this year, and my list has been inspired by a ton of great sources, like Joy The Baker’s Break Your Heart Winter Reading List and the comments on this great book recommendations post

Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld: Curtis is one of my favourite authors. I have read all three of her other books and been blown away by the way she pays attention to the littlest human details and somehow weaves them effortlessly into a great story. She can articulate those things that we all experience but don’t always put into words. Her work is always so relatable and wonderful and entertaining. Don’t be put off by the description of this book: it’s about two psychic twins that live in St. Louis – one who is a psychic for a living, and the other who is a very conventional, stay at home mom who is embarrassed by her twin sister when she publicly predicts a massive earthquake. The synopsis didn’t grab me, but of course Curtis Sittenfeld’s writing has me at hello, every time. I’ve been waiting for a new book from her for almost three years, so I’m thrilled about this one, which I read last week. It was excellent, of course. 

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: I’ve been reading about this one all over, including when I saw it won third place in the GoodReads choice awards (always a good resource for hot new titles). I just got it out of the library (after a marathon of being something like 54th in line on the waiting list) and have only read the first few pages but I can tell it’s going to be good. From what I can tell it has a similar concept to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly – a quadriplegic’s relationship with his home heath aide – but I’m sure it will bring its own humour and heartbreak.

David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell: I’m not sure how they timed it but three of my favourite authors have new books this year – Malcolm, Curtis and Sarah Addison Allen. This is awesome! But also sad, because it means I will have to wait a long time until they publish something new, probably all at the same time again. It’s a conspiracy, I’m convinced. My Dad got me Gladwell’s latest for Christmas, and it’s stories of underdogs and how the weak can defeat the strong! I’m very excited to read it. 

Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen: I adore all her other books, so I can’t wait to gobble this one up like the comfort-food-for-the-soul it is. 

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

Orphan Train by Christina Baker Klein

I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb: I really would like to read all of Wally Lamb’s books this year (I’ve only read The Hour I First Believed) because I think he’s a wonderful writer and his books get so much acclaim. But I’m always intimidated by them! Gotta encourage myself to read them this year. 

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt: Another one that I’ve been hearing buzz about everywhere. Apparently it is fantastic, and “Dickensian”, and although I’ve never read any Dickens, that sounds quite impressive. 

Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese: I’ve heard so many good things about this book from friends and family but have been scared off by its size. The same goes for Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

Year of the Flood + MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood: I loved the first book in this trilogy, and I’d love to read the others. 

Transatlantic by Colum McCann

And the list goes on (and on, and on…) – see my complete To-Read list right here. What are you reading in 2014? Let’s read bravely and voraciously.

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  1. I just finished “The GoldFinch” and absolutely loved it! I’m currently a junior English-Literature major so needless to say I read a lot of long, intimidating books throughout the year and while it is both of those things, I recommend it to everyone I know! I would compare it more to Leo Tolstoy though in terms of writing style if that helps. “Sisterland” is on my list as well this year; happy reading!

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