Project 365: Week 23

Safe to say, this has been probably the best week I’ve had all summer. Even the last two days alone have been completely outstanding – full of friends, and love, and fun, and amazing food, and walking around the city until my feet are sore and all I want to do is curl up and watch So You Think You Can Dance. I’ve sat on gorgeous patios, eaten chocolate soft-serve (obsessed), screamed my head off on roller coasters, gotten some great news, done some work, and smiled. I feel awesome.

I’m reminded that this summer is only going to be what I make it. It’s all in my attitude. I can’t wait around for things to happen, for people to be free – I’ve got to be grateful for what I have, and make the most of it. It’s about making a plan, and following it through. I’ve been loving every second of it!

I’m releasing my very first ebook (mini ebook) on the blog on Monday morning, so get excited for that!

xoxo. Have a wonderful weekend.

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