Project 365: Week 19

My, but it’s been a busy week. Crazy, in fact! I’m currently in a summer course, and just began working as well, and the schedule is a little rough. I slept in today because I haven’t been able to for the past few days, despite being exhausted. I don’t want to drone on about my schedule though, because the fact is that I’m loving my job! And I am very nearly done this summer course (they go by so quickly!). And the summer is beginning to take shape, and I love it.

Project 365 has its good days and its bad ones. Mainly good. Some bad. Sometimes I get the shot right away and am super pleased with it! Sometimes I never get a shot I’m in love with. Most of the time I feel a bit dejected that my photography isn’t better, but then I remember that the whole point of this project is to practice and improve. And then I feel a bit better.

Thanks for following along! xo.

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