Project 365: Week 17

Here it is, my Project 365 photos from the week of exams! I knew they’d probably be of less quality than other weeks, due to having less time to devote to taking photos. I’m actually pleasantly surprised that I managed to capture a few that I love! The zippered pouch, for one. And those pretty eggs, for another. I’m happy I was able to pull this project off, even if there was a day or two where I didn’t have many shots to choose from! I took a lot of Instagram photos to supplement, because I decided to do A Week In The Life – I’ll be showing you my album next week! It was a really fun project, and a great way to infuse my long study days with a bit more creativity.

I plan to spend my weekend picking up herbs at the farmer’s market, eating fresh food at picnics, and spending time with my busy friend.

Happy Friday! xo.

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